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Babar M Bhatti
3 min readApr 7, 2024
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An ideal list of AI resources should provide the best resources for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. In real life, it is not easy to put together such a list, for many reasons. For one, the contents of this list will change over time. And of course, we all have our preferences and one size does not fit all. Since I get asked about such a list all the time, I decided to publish one, anyway.

I’ve done my best to go through a large set of available resources to pick high quality content which offers high value for the intended audience. I also included various formats: blog posts, papers, websites, videos — so that you can consume the content the way it works best for you. I hope that this list saves you time and helps with your learning, despite my personal shortcomings or leanings. In a future article, I’ll share my list of courses for AI and ML.

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A word of caution before you dive into this list. It takes more than just consuming or learning content to truly experience a broad, interdisciplinary and rapidly changing field such as AI. Nothing subsitutes learning by doing and validating your learning.

There’s a lot of hype out there. Many tech celebrities have made outlandish statements that can can confuse and mislead without the right context — please ignore the noise and learn AI from first principles so that you can decide for yourself.

Level 1. AI for Everyone / Non-technical Leaders

These resources are a good starting point. You may find it useful to go through the entire list of resources as some of the resources later in the list will answer questions that may arise as you get started. If you want to cheat, just jump ahead to this video.

Articles and short essays.

+ McKinsey: 
- Interactive Guide to [Predictive] AI (2020)
- A CEO Guide to Generative AI (2023)
- A CIO/CTO's Guide to Generative AI (2023)
+ Machine Learning Paper by Prof Domingos
+ Essays on transformative nature of AI: Kissinger/Schmidt/Huttenlocher
+ Curated articles from various journals and press
+ Bias in AI (video) by Kate Crawford, AI Now
+ My AI blog

If you like to learn from videos, here’s my list of top AI videos.

Introductory AI video list

Want to stay connected with AI? Check out these institutions.

+ Human-Centered AI - Stanford
+ MIT: CSAIL | Technology Review Magazine
+ World Economic Forum on AI



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